Zaheer Ahmed Lone

City Export/City Embroiders was neither a dream nor even an intention of mine. I just launched it after my enlightening stay as an overseas employee in Denmark. At the time of my arrival, I had the aspiration to serve my nation by applying the superior ways of the Danish at my humble enterprise. Surviving in an extremely competitive market was though an uphill task but by the dint of my strong will power, resolute determination, perseverance against all the odds and my sincere and consistent efforts, I was rewarded by brilliant success by Allah, the Almighty. Even at this age, what makes me energetic and gives me new vigor is the trust and appreciation of my customers whom I always consider just like my family members. I can proudly say that City Export/City Embroiders is evolving innovative plans and strategies to meet the needs of its ever growing customers, thereby, adhering to its great traditions.