Since its inception in 1974, in Sialkot, City Export has revealed illustrious escalation. It is one of the Leading organizations in Pakistan that deals in quality Hand Embroidered Badges, Logos, Insignia, Pennants, Epaulets, Chevron and Uniform Accessories etc. In fact, City Export was supplying all the Decorative Materials used in various types of uniforms of Armed Services, Fashion and enjoys the benefit of working with well known companies around the world.

It started off its journey by setting a small workplace in the upper segment of dwelling but with the passage of time that place of work moved to a rented office. First embroidery machine was incorporated in 1994 with 20 heads as meeting the growing demand of customers was the focal point. Currently our company is operating with 12 Embroidery machines with 240 heads and 1 sampling machine with 4 heads on its own property. To further fine tune the quality of our products and abandoning previous methodology of using Dies for Cuttings, half a dozen Laser Machines were inducted during 2009-2012 period that, beside assisting in precise cutting with flawless Laser technique has also added a valuable factor in our products by Engraving process.

Managing Director, Mr. Jamil A. Lone has built the reputation of City Export on the cornerstone of providing high quality products, customer satisfaction and superior service. a separate department is engaged in dealing with domestic customers which are indirectly export and meeting their requirements. There are around 150 employees performing in this factory at this time while many contract base units work to meet deadlines.

Providing customers with the best of what they need, when they need has always been essential to our company. It is commitment of the company to meet its objectives in a manner which provides consistency of product in finest quality available, and sophisticated customer service while maintaining efficiency of operations and profitability indispensable to perpetuate product improvement and customer satisfaction.

We want to express our cordial gratitude to our clients for the trust they have been placing in us since years and our staff too, for the effort and dedication they have been putting to this factory for its unswerving strengthening.


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